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Nutritional Therapy / Health & Wellness Services

Taking a personalised ​approach to your ​health & wellbeing

to help you find your fabulous inside and out

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Individual wellness is ​our priority

Providing services, programs and ​products that breathe new life into your ​mind, body, skin and environment ​because health is universal.

What does feeling fabulous mean to you?

Brimming with confidence? Glowing with health? Having tonnes of energy? Sleeping better? Looking ​younger than your years? Being happy in your own skin? Being confident in the lifestyle choices you ​make?

Whatever feeling fabulous means to you - its the most positive and empowering feeling ever.

But too many of us have lost that feeling. We've lost our sparkle. We've lost our va-va-voom. And we ​don't know how to find it again.

There is so much information, so many messages, so many instructions out there about reclaiming our ​health and wellness that the dialogue is deafening, confusing and conflicting. And its becoming ​overwhelming - resulting in not knowing what step to take first. What voice to listen to first. So we end ​up standing still not moving or changing anything.

This is where I come in.

I provide a one stop shop to help you take a step back and look at all the areas of your life where your ​pizzazz fizzled, your light dimmed, and we work at making changes - through food, through nutrients ​and the right supplements, through sleep and stress management, through your environment, through ​the right skin care - even potentially a simple lipstick colour change can give you an unimaginable ​boost.

But it's all in bitesize steps - easy to hear, digest and put into action. Totally reducing the overwhelm. I ​firmly believe that the key to reclaiming your fabulousness is baby steps, steps based in facts not fads, ​steps taken bit by bit - the road to health is a marathon not a sprint - and success will be deeper rooted ​and longer lasting by making smaller gradual adjustment than big sweeping changes.

Reconnecting with your health, your wellbeing shouldn't be a chore, a battle, an uphill struggle, ​something attainable to a select few - life is tough enough as it is. Feeling fabulous is your right, not a ​privilege.

This is the ethos of Find Your Fabulous.

About Me

My name is Alex Brown. I am a certified nutritional therapist and health ​& wellness consultant - and a passionate advocate of empowering ​women to look and feel their absolute best - inside and out.

I was born with a port wine stain birthmark that covers 3/4s of my face, my arm, chest and back. As a ​young child out with my mother, we were stopped in the street by a child, who screamed at my mother ​that she was abusing me, and he was calling social services. My mother was devastated. To protect me ​from incidents like that happening again, she started concealing my face with make-up, to make it less ​obvious. But it didn't stop the years of bullying. From children or from adults. I was self conscious and ​hated living in my own skin. I couldn't bear to meet new people, or make eye contact with people who ​didn't really know me. So what changed?

I felt that way until well into my 40s - all the makeup suited to concealing my birthmark was thick and ​heavy - I was always greeted with 'what's wrong with your face' - even whilst working in the corporate ​world.

But that changed when I was introduced to make-up and skincare from Arbonne - and it was like being ​touched by a magic wand - I couldn't believe the transformation - my skin could breathe under the make-​up. My complexion cleared, the scarring left by laser treatments was erased. I was standing up and ​talking to people I'd never met before - making eye contact with total strangers. People commenting on ​how wonderful I looked - my skin looked. I had found my fabulous.

Initially I realised that I had the power to help others feel the same way with these products, so I started ​helping people like me with birthmarks, scarring, as well as rosacea, acne and so much more.

But my work with Arbonne introduced me to much wider health and wellness concepts, such as the gut-​brain-skin axis - and I was fascinated. So fascinated that I wanted to take it further, so that I could help ​my clients further - deeper - not just on a surface level. I realised that no matter how good a product ​was, on its own it was not sufficient to make a big enough impact on recurring skin conditions, and long ​lasting health and wellness concerns.

I realised I needed to learn more and learn in greater detail about health and wellness and stop ​focussing solely on products. So I studied and qualified as a certified Nutritional Therapist, and an ​Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and I now offer my clients a 360º approach to their health and ​wellness, their food and habits, their lifestyle and products - giving them more options for how they ​want me to help them. Over the coming months I will add further qualifications to my portfolio in ​relation to stress, sleep, allergies and more to be able to help in even more areas.

No two people will share the same definition of what fabulous feels like, because everyone is different, ​has different needs, is starting in a different place, and are heading to a different destination. This is ​why I ensure all of my services are tailored to the need of the individual client.

Book in with me for a complementary call to see if I can help you on your journey to health and wellness ​and lead you to find your fabulous.

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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Tackling health from all angles

Nutritional Therapy recognises that every person is unique. That every person has individual dietary ​requirements. That everyone has a different way of life. That one size does not fit all.

Nutritional therapy helps you learn what to eat, how to get balance, correct quantities, how food is ​helping and harming you, and what benefits it brings. It’s learning where you need extra support from ​supplements. It’s introducing exercise gently into your routine to ensure balance not overwhelm. It’s ​discovering how toxins are harming you - not just from the wrong foods, but in what you are exposed to ​in the home, in peer circles, in what you watch, in what you think and feel. It's learning about how what ​you put on your skin affects your health. Its learning about the mind, body skin axis. Its learning to ​understand that you need to take a 360º approach to your life.

Nutritional Therapy is for you when you know you need to be in a better place. But you don’t know ​where to start.

What do I do?

It’s my job as your nutritional therapist to get you where you need to and want to be. I take you by the ​hand and lead you, teach you, show you and help you make the changes you need to find your fabulous ​again.

Getting yourself back on the road to health is not simply a case of starting to eat stacks of fruit and ​vegetables. It’s not joining a gym and doing intensive workouts 5 days a week. Its an all round ​approach. Its relearning what you think you know.

I offer individual one off assessments for those who already have a good grasp of their health but just ​need to refocus. I also offer 4 & 8 week programmes for those who want to go deeper and make greater ​and longer lasting changes.

As a certified Nutritional Therapist, and member of the International Institute for Complementary ​Therapists, I:

  • Highlight how what you eat affects your health and genes, and how free radicals can harm your ​DNA.

  • Showcase the ability of antioxidants to protect your body from damage, and suggest ways to boost ​your antioxidant protection through dietary recommendations.

  • Explain how plant-based foods, polyphenols, phytochemicals, probiotics, and fibre can help ​promote good health and prevent diseases.

  • Evaluate your nutrition, identify potential nutrient deficiencies, and create personalised dietary ​plans to address them.

  • Recognise the factors that either improve or impede the absorption and use of essential nutrients.

  • Create customised meal plans to alleviate health issues, and suggest nutritional guidance for ​common health conditions.


Stand alone sessions for antioxidant assessments and nutritional deficiency assessments are available ​for those who want to to shine a brief light on their health and wellness. Possibly you have become ​aware that you are out of kilter but don't know in what area. You may have become aware that you need ​to change something in your life but have no idea where you need to start and you want an overview. ​You may already be very health conscious but have become aware you need to refocus your attention. ​In these cases assessments would be an ideal place to start.

Assessments include access to my private clinic toolkit, which will enable you to complete your ​assessment questionnaire and receive your results and report. Also included is a 60 minute ​consultation.

If after your assessment you decide you would like to go further on your health and wellness journey, ​you can upgrade to one of our programmes - the cost of which will be reduced by the cost of your ​assessment.


Reset Your Foundations

Get your health back on track.

Open the door to better sleep, looking younger, having more energy & feeling fabulous.

This four week programme is designed to highlight where you are now in your health journey, and gently ​guide you to make better choices and simple changes that will have a deep rooted and long lasting ​positive effect on your health.

You will receive access to my private clinic toolkit, which will enable you to complete an antioxidant ​assessment questionnaire. This will be followed by a 60 minute consultation to discuss your concerns ​and aims, and for me to get a clearer picture of your situation. A personalised report is then produced ​to give you your insights.

Over the course of the 4 weeks, you are given bespoke weekly tasks to action to help you reset your ​health foundations.

The programme closes with a follow up reassessment and a second 60 minute consultation to highlight ​your changes and how far you've come - and some further suggestions of where you can continue to ​build on your success.

Optimal Health

The ultimate programme to regain your vitality.

A 360º look at your health and how to get it firing on all cylinders again.

This eight week programme is designed to take an in depth look at your health and wellness and detail ​all the areas where you can transform. As is the Find Your Fabulous way, guidance is gentle and ​delivered in bitesize pieces to ensure overwhelm doesn't take over, and so that suggested changes can ​be made easily and will be long lasting and deep rooted.

You will receive access to my private clinic toolkit, which will enable you to complete the relevant health ​questionnaires needed for the programme, and to access your summary reports.

There will be 8 x 60 minute consultations during the programme, each covering a different area - ​including your personal nutrition strategy, addressing your antioxidant and nutritional deficiencies, ​contributing factors in poor health, food shopping and preparation guidance, and action steps.

The programme closes with a follow up reassessment and the final session highlights your changes and ​how far you've come - and leaves you with some further suggestions of where you can continue to build ​on your positive changes.

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Nutritional Therapy


Consisting of assessment questionnaire, ​60 minute online consultation and report.


Consisting of assessment questionnaire ​60 minute online consultation and report.


Consisting of assessment questionnaires, ​90 minute online consultation and report.



Consisting of assessment questionnaire,

2 x 60 minute online consultations, report, ​weekly action steps and reassessment.



Consisting of assessment questionnaires, ​8 x 60 minute online consultations, report, ​meal plans, shopping guides, best foods, ​compounding factors, actions steps and ​reassessment.